But I’m starting to believe that this is all madness and that we’re already in way over our heads — Live & Learn

IMAGINE IF there were a law decreeing that every citizen had to carry a tracking device and check it five times an hour. This device was to be kept at hand at all times. The law also decreed that you needed to place this device on your bedside table at night, so that it was […]

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There are people in this world who stay with us but live in their own world. A world which is fictious, all the characters, incidents and everything are just in the imagination and the only thing that truely exists is emotions. They do not want to deal with the reality, what people are in real, but they develop their different image, an image with which they want to live with!

What kind of people are they? Are they psychopaths? Or they have some other mental disorders? I guess they are those lonely souls who were never understood by anyone or might be those broken hearts who are desperately willing to be loved. Living a life on your own terms is a good idea but ignoring reality completely  will not do anything good. If we draw an image of a person in our mind ignoring the fact that he does not possesses  such qualities in reality, will just hurt us. Loving such a person requires a lot of courage and expecting anything in return will make your life fiasco.And putting Your all efforts  to make your imagined world real and converting the person’s character into something  we have imagined for, is seriously a bad idea.Developing feelings towards anyone is not a crime because no one in this universe has control over his feelings. But having no control over your feelings can be, not for anyone else but for Yourselves itself! If someone does not loves you back, it does not means that you are flawed. Feeling sorry for yourself won’t work I guess, loving yourself will.. definitely!





From my childhood I have seen many people, almost everyone longing to become like someone. Even I wanted to become like somebody, infact her xerox one can say. This is actually  very common in all of us. And its not our fault because from the very beginning we are being compared to others who is better than us in any way. It can be our class fellow, person sitting next to us in the office, neighbor, some celebrity and the bizarre is sometimes our siblings too. So to impress others or to fulfill their expectations we start killing the real self and transforming ourselves in somebody else.

But what happens next? Do we come up in a better version? No, not at all. We can never be! Because everyone here is an individual, we all are individuals. There is no substitute, neither a better version. There is nobody like us, neither there was, nor there will be. In order to become somebody else we kill someone who is already there.. inside us..all one need is to recognize that, work on that and appreciate as well. Trust me it will be an amazing version and who knows we ourselves will become that ‘somebody’ that people are willing to be. And if not, what is the harm? Atleast we will not become a murderer, a murderer of self. By my words I did not mean that getting inspired from others is wrong. It’s not, not at all. But inspiring from someone and longing to become someone are two different aspects. Inspiring can do miracles , no doubt.

So lets start working on ourselves rather than copying others. Lets create a better actually the best version we can be, ever!


Hello Guys

With number of hangouts in life and spending life in isolation for last few months,  I finally realized what happiness exactly is. I know it may sounds weird but its true. While sitting alone on the roof and stearing  at the mountains..with a dark coffee mug..I felt peace. Peace that I never  felt while talking to anybody. I mean how this can be possible? I was a phone freak human who always looked for somebody to share her problems with, who always wanted somebody to understand her, to show some so-called sympathy  and tell her that she will be fine.

What I was looking for in so many conversations and chats, I  found that neither on watsapp  nor on instagram but on my rooftop? This is hilarious but true. So was that the coffee that gave me the peace or the mountains that were miles away from me? I guess NO. It was spending some quality time with self. I shared my problems to myself after sharing it to a number of persons. They never understood me the way I wanted them to because may be no one can understand us better than we can itself. And our expectations makes it complicated.

Now I dont look for happiness in somebody’s words.. The coffee mug does it in the best way.

Happiness lies within ourselves. All one need is to spend some time and have a conversation with  oneself. And the best part is there will be no lies.